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Frozen Collagen 60capsules
- help to repair deep groove and to reduce wrinkles.
 nourish the bone and tendon tissue. Reduce the chance of arthritis. (Healing)
- Gluta in Frozen Collagen than common gluta in the market.
Because this glutathione is 100% organic pure nature.
 not harmful to the body and do not have side effect with liver.
It will help to remove toxins in the liver instead. This is super premium one.
make the skin pinky and bright
compared to the common collagen
- reduce acne freckles. Boost the skin brightening. It covers all skin care just in one product. . Normally, just only collagen may not brighten skin that fast but when combined with vitamin C, it will accelerate the body to absorb faster see faster results.

Frozen Collagen consists of vital vitamin C. The benefit is anti-sun or simply that it can protect the skin from the sun and also from UVA and UVB rays.